Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Welcome to my world

So here we are; a month into 2011 and I’m going in circles trying to put all my ideas onto paper and into production. Not an easy task!
And I’d like to know how Valentine’s Day snuck up on me so quick? Hey ho, so I’m in my usual state of work confusion – but then; it works for me so why fix something that isn’t broken ? Whilst on the plus side, the proper website is now fully operational (sounds like something out of StarWars!) I’m hoping that my regulars will still continue to email me direct with all their stories and news that I enjoy so much. That said, the Ebay store is now down until Easter; time to re-group, re-design & trial new things at the same time as getting the all the new stuff up & running, busy times ahead methinks! Someone has also suggested adding a Facebook store to the fold, I think I’ll be needing more hours in the day at this rate. Next thing I know, someone will be telling me to start Tweeting!

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