Friday, 1 April 2011

Nose to the grindstone

Well it seems ages since I updated this blog, a combination of my daughter visiting me for a week and just the usual not enough hours in the day feeling!
My daughter Clair lives back in my home town of Lyndhurst and only gets down here to deepest darkest Devon maybe twice a year. So while she was here I made the most of it and did what girls do.... yes thats right we went shopping! other than that we just relaxed and got caught up on all the gossip. It has made me realise just how much I miss home, not sure what to do with that thought for the moment.
So now Clairs gone home and I am back at work, so whats been keeping me busy you ask? In one word Ebid! I joined the auction site few years back but never did anything with it as most of my auctions go onto Ebay but in a moment of madness I have opened an Ebid shop and have been listing all my current stock, I think I am nearly done now fingers crossed. Then it will be back to listing some new designs I have floating round in my head so stay tuned for the next installment
Clair and Ben enjoying a walk

Clair with her new friend Candy

Clair and Candy

Clair and Ben on a lovely sunny day

View from footpath behind our house

Friday, 4 March 2011

Cold & Crisp

I have taken the morning off today been working in the garden, the dogs have had a great time playing in the leaves, shame it has to be the ones I am trying to sweep up! its very cold and frosty of a morning but there are a few hints spring is on its way, plants peeking through on the raised bed and is it my imagination or is the grass growing? The Daffodils along the stream are starting to open. From my work area I can see the Pheasants strutting back and forth along the driveway, I really love living in the countryside. Feeling extremely brave this morning I ventured up the footpath with Bendy Dog trailing along behind, on a clear day you have a great view for miles around and most of the time don't encounter anyone else using it other than the farmer on his quad bike, it blew the cobwebs away nicely. So now with the dogs fast asleep I have no excuse for not buckling down and working on the new products I keep promising do I?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Clever Customers

Many of my regular customers constantly keep me amused & updated with their news and anecdotes, which I love reading about. This week brought me news that one of them is up for an Award, which is pretty amazing! I first met Brian when he asked me to create Rosettes for his rescue dogs, and naturally we swopped doggy tales (or should that be tails ?!). So here we are, a few months later, and I hear that 2 of his wonderful books have been selected for Awards. Everything is being crossed here, that they win their respective categories. Good Luck Brian
Anyone who’d like to check out Brian’s writing can find links to both his blog & his website, on the right of this page. If you are a dog lover or involved in rescue, I’d especially recommend reading Tilly’s blog.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Welcome to my world

So here we are; a month into 2011 and I’m going in circles trying to put all my ideas onto paper and into production. Not an easy task!
And I’d like to know how Valentine’s Day snuck up on me so quick? Hey ho, so I’m in my usual state of work confusion – but then; it works for me so why fix something that isn’t broken ? Whilst on the plus side, the proper website is now fully operational (sounds like something out of StarWars!) I’m hoping that my regulars will still continue to email me direct with all their stories and news that I enjoy so much. That said, the Ebay store is now down until Easter; time to re-group, re-design & trial new things at the same time as getting the all the new stuff up & running, busy times ahead methinks! Someone has also suggested adding a Facebook store to the fold, I think I’ll be needing more hours in the day at this rate. Next thing I know, someone will be telling me to start Tweeting!