Friday, 4 March 2011

Cold & Crisp

I have taken the morning off today been working in the garden, the dogs have had a great time playing in the leaves, shame it has to be the ones I am trying to sweep up! its very cold and frosty of a morning but there are a few hints spring is on its way, plants peeking through on the raised bed and is it my imagination or is the grass growing? The Daffodils along the stream are starting to open. From my work area I can see the Pheasants strutting back and forth along the driveway, I really love living in the countryside. Feeling extremely brave this morning I ventured up the footpath with Bendy Dog trailing along behind, on a clear day you have a great view for miles around and most of the time don't encounter anyone else using it other than the farmer on his quad bike, it blew the cobwebs away nicely. So now with the dogs fast asleep I have no excuse for not buckling down and working on the new products I keep promising do I?

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